Our Antenatal Packages

Continuity of care by a midwife you know and trust is proven to improve pregnancy outcomes.  Occasionally you may see another midwife, but the majority of your care will be provided by your named midwife.  All your antenatal appointments will be carried out at a time and place to suit you, and can include coming to your place of work, or evening and weekend appointments.  All packages are tailored to suit you and you are encouraged to access some NHS appointments in particular for a booking appointment and blood tests, some scans (can be arranged privately if you wish) and in late pregnancy to discuss delivery options if spontaneous labour does not occur.



Your midwife will meet with you to take a detailed history of your health, previous pregnancies and your wishes and preferences for delivery.  We can then assist you in choosing a place of birth.  We can then arrange a booking appointment at your chosen hospital.  All screening tests will also be discussed.  A private dating scan can be arranged for you between 7-10 weeks if you wish.

We also offer the IONA® NIPT Screening Test for Downs Syndrome, Edwards’ Syndrome and Patau’s Syndrome.



During the second and third trimester you will see your midwife at regular intervals.  As well as performing all the necessary checks to ensure the well being of you and your baby, these appointments are for you to discuss any concerns or worries you may have and a perfect opportunity to share information regarding labour, birth planning and life with a new baby.  These visits will be tailored to suit your needs and wishes, and will increase in frequency as you near the birth of your baby, recommending weekly checks from 37 weeks.  If you go over due, which is very likely with your first baby, we will assist you in making plans for delivery with your chosen hospital.



If you wish extra private scans or a consultation with a Fetal Medicine Consultant/Obstetrician this can be arranged on your behalf as we have links with a state of the art facility in the North West that provides this service.  Similarly, blood tests that are not routinely offered by the NHS, for example Rubella Screening, can also be arranged and a price provided on request.



As well as peace of mind during your pregnancy, your midwife is also available to provide added reassurance and care to you and your new baby as you recover from the birth and adjust to a new way of life with your newborn.  Typically, the NHS will visit three times in the first ten days following the birth of your baby and will offer screening tests for your little one on day five.  If all is well you will be discharged from care around day ten.  Private Postnatal Care offers additional reassurance to standard NHS care on a day (7 days a week) and at a time to suit you, and may include evening visits if you wish.  Seeing your named midwife regularly ensures continuity of care for you and your newborn.  A midwife you already know and trust and who knows you is more likely to pick up on things, for example low mood, and can give you the time you need at each visit without feeling rushed or pressured.  She can help with feeding, baby cares, bonding, and safe sleeping and ensure you both have recovered physically from the delivery.  Sometimes the initial relief and excitement can be replaced with worry, anxiety and inevitably sleep deprivation! Your midwife can provide emotional support to help you and your family enjoy this precious time.  This service is available until your baby is six weeks old.



Our midwives also work for NHS Hospital Trusts and therefore are not able to offer a 24/7 service to be on call for labour and deliveries.  However we are able to assist you to choose another company or Independent Midwife who may be able to meet your requirements.